Drupal Content Management

Greycells has extensive experience in building feature-rich websites and web applications in Drupal cloud hosting Content Management System. We use agile processes for development, testing and deploying the code in the development, staging and production environments.

Drupal Version Management: Drupal has a large, international, vibrant community of developers that support current versions, and work on future versions of the software. This is one of the strengths of an open source CMS like Drupal. Enhancements and fixes released on a regular basis. While we recommend planned version upgrade we understand that keeping up with the version upgrades requires planning and scheduling with minimal down time. To that effect, we check for browser compatibility issues, server software conflicts, and security issues on the existing version and collaborate for planning for the version upgrade at the earliest possible.
Site Security Configurations: Software as powerful and configurable as Drupal demands setup expertise. Our key personnel and non-key personnel are experienced Drupal subject matter experts and review key configuration issues for vulnerability on daily basis.
Maintenance: Drupal is a well-architected CMS. We ensure regular patching and updates to maintain all three Dev, Stage and Production healthy. We monitor any browser revisions that translate to requiring minor patches to Drupal and contributed modules. Security in maintained by our keeping on top of your Drupal updates.
Drupal Core and Module Updates: We check updates via the admin module on a monthly basis, paying special attention to anything that highlighted as critical on the report. We specifically look at Drupal Core Update Status, Module, and Theme Update Status. Drupal core is the main CMS program and Modules refer to Contributed Modules, we enable the Update Status module.
Updates at Operating System (OS) level: Since HRSA admins will not be able to access the operating system, we work with the HHS OIT/ASPA contractors on ensuring communication and collaboration to update and verify Drupal platform functionality after any OS updates.
Drupal Upgrade 7 to 8: We have upgraded Drupal CMS on various cloud environments including Microsoft Fed Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pantheon. We will draw from our experience, the challenges the proactive steps and sound communication strategies to enable agency Drupal Upgrades